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Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Bass Traps

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Resonate DB's Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Bass Traps solve lower frequency issues by combining the best of both worlds - a professional-looking design that is perfect for studio acoustics AND high-performance noise & reverberation reduction, especially in the lower frequencies. 

If you are having bass issues, then these are for you. 

 Acoustic Bass Traps One of our best sellers and a cost-effective solution for treating rooms, where there is too much bass response and reduced audio clarity. The acoustic treatment is to enhance sound quality in your studio and bass traps should be used in conjunction with other wall panels for best results. 

A good listening environment is critical for areas such as home cinemas, recording studios, and stereo rooms. 

These bass traps are effective for churches, universities, wedding venues, etc, and any space which hosts many people and they use amplified sound, these Acoustic Bass Traps will add value to the event and make it far more pleasant for those entering the space. 

Resonate DB's - Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Bass Traps are built with timber frames for rigidity and support. They are then filled with the highest quality acoustic insulation and upholstered in a polyester acoustically transparent fabric that aids in the absorption of sound. 

At Resonate DB's, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of acoustic panels, manufactured by ourselves to offer the be products for the best prices. We’re able to cater to a wide range of budgets, including affordable options as well as high-specification panels designed for premium acoustic performance. We also offer custom panels and bass traps with different fixing options to personalize any installation. We believe that aesthetics are just as important as acoustics, which is why each panel is made with attention to detail making sure that each panel you receive looks perfect. Whatever space you have in mind, we’re sure to be able to cater to it. 

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions 120cm x 42cm / 60cm x 42cm 

Material Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Bass Traps with timber frames filled with high quality acoustic insulation