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Creative Spaces With Quality Acoustics...

Recording Studios

Acoustics don’t need to be boringly functional; we aim to get your creative juices flowing and bring out your creativity, designing a recording studio that will do just this. Our objective is to work with you towards the obtaining your ideal sound.

When it comes to soundproofing a music studio, there can be a lot to consider. Bass traps, absorption panels, diffusers and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for creating the best space possible for your needs.
Whether you have a professional studio set up, or a home studio in your bedroom, or a vocal booth for voice overs or podcasts and vlogging…
At Resonate DB, we’re very pleased to offer a range of options to suit your requirements and budget.. From acoustic foam, fabric upholstered acoustic panels including acoustic printed canvases to add a personal touch to any room, polyester panels, bass traps and acoustic diffusers we have anything you require to make your space not only sound great, but look amazing too!

High-End Home Cinemas

Looking to bring the big screen into your home? We offer high-end acoustic solutions, from stretched fabric acoustic panels to laser cut polyester sheets including LED’s, acoustic slat wall panels and acoustic door seals… We have the solution you are looking for to create a space filled with Cinema magic!

Commercial / Residential Acoustics

Whether you’re concerned about loud neighbours or board meetings being disturbed in your office, offices that are so noisy it is hard to be productive and concentrate…soundproofing walls and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for preventing the transmission of sound through walls into adjacent rooms. At Resonate DB, we offer a range of options for various applications for ceilings and walls, including high quality wall panels, acoustic desk-based screens and acoustic room dividers.

School / Church Acoustics

“We would never teach reading in a classroom without lights. Why then do then do we teach in ‘acoustical darkness” ~ John Erdreich PhD

Simply put, uncontrolled reverberations in a classroom have a direct negative effect on health and performance, for both students and teachers. Excess reverberation also affects students with auditory processing issues, ADHD, and other learning challenges. In fact, all students benefit from lowering the reverberation and improving intelligibility.

Acoustic panels and other acoustic solutions for schools greatly enhance the audibility levels in classrooms, therefore improving concentration levels, also offering many more health benefits for the students and teachers alike.


"Great products and great, professional service"

"Resonate DB has made working with acoustics a pleasurable experience, their in depth knowledge of acoustics as well as their ability to work with designers in transforming the way we experience acoustics in any space has made them a company worth aligning ourselves with.

Quality work executed timeously, producing great results.

Malvern K Creative Studio is proud to work with Raymond Barnes and his team at Resonate DB in all our Studio designs and future projects."

"Working with Resonate DB puts your acoustics and soundproofing needs in their expert hands, so you can focus on recording. Raymond’s customer communication was excellent and he took the time to explain the technical questions, I had. My treated studio now allows me to capture the natural sound of my voice with crystal clear clarity. Tracks require far less post-production now. Do it! You won’t regret it."

"Great service and pricing. My isolated booth sounds great and it was quite quick and hassle free!"

" We had a complex and tight deadline, Raymond from Resonate DB, was amazing! They made sure they understood the requirements, sourced great quality materials and put in late hours to get it all done in time.

An absolute pleasure to work with. Resonate DB comes highly recommended."