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Resonate DB specialises in the acoustic treatment of recording studios, high-end home cinemas, commercial spaces and open plan offices, schools, churches and home acoustics.

We offer customised soundproofing solutions making your space as unique as you are! With a diverse range of products to fit any budget. From acoustic foam panels, acoustic polyester panels, fabric upholstered panels, full acoustic fabric walls, acoustic starlight ceiling panels, bass traps and so much more…


Offering a full turnkey solution to your recording studio. Including design, acoustics, furniture, and equipment.

Recording Studios

Acoustics don’t need to be boringly functional; we aim to get your creative juices flowing and bring out your creativity, designing a recording studio that will do just this. Our objective is to work with you towards the obtaining your ideal sound.

When it comes to soundproofing a music studio, there can be a lot to consider. Bass traps, absorption panels, diffusers and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for creating the best space possible for your needs.
Whether you have a professional studio set up, or a home studio in your bedroom, or a vocal booth for voice overs or podcasts and vlogging…
At Resonate DB, we’re very pleased to offer a range of options to suit your requirements and budget.. From acoustic foam, fabric upholstered acoustic panels including acoustic printed canvases to add a personal touch to any room, polyester panels, bass traps and acoustic diffusers we have anything you require to make your space not only sound great, but look amazing too!


High-End Home Cinemas

Looking to bring the big screen into your home? We offer high-end acoustic solutions, from stretched fabric acoustic panels to laser cut polyester sheets including LED’s and acoustic door seals… We have the solution you are looking for to create a space filled with Cinema magic!


Commercial / Residential Acoustics

Whether you’re concerned about loud neighbours or board meetings being disturbed in your office, offices that are so noisy it is hard to be productive and concentrate…soundproofing walls and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for preventing the transmission of sound through walls into adjacent rooms. At Resonate DB, we offer a range of options for various applications for ceilings and walls, including high quality wall panels, acoustic desk-based screens and acoustic room dividers.


School / Church Acoustics

“We would never teach reading in a classroom without lights. Why then do then do we teach in ‘acoustical darkness” ~ John Erdreich PhD

Simply put, uncontrolled reverberations in a classroom have a direct negative effect on health and performance, for both students and teachers. Excess reverberation also affects students with auditory processing issues, ADHD, and other learning challenges. In fact, all students benefit from lowering the reverberation and improving intelligibility.

Acoustic panels and other acoustic solutions for schools greatly enhance the audibility levels in classrooms, therefore improving concentration levels, also offering many more health benefits for the students and teachers alike.


Acoustic Foam

Acoustic or sound dampening foam is probably one of the most important aspects of any studio, it can either make or break a professional or project studio.  It doesn’t matter how much is spent on recording and monitoring equipment, if the room itself is not treated with acoustics the results will never be as good as they could be.  Acoustic Foam is very easy to work with and can be a very cost-effective way of treating your room.  Acoustic foam will reduce the pick-up of loose frequencies when recording making the recording and monitoring process much cleaner and defined.  This results in more accurate recordings and allows you to hear exactly what is intended to be recorded without the room having a unfavourable effect of the end result.

We also offer acoustic foam bass traps which trap those difficult to treat low frequencies can be absorbed and tightened up.

Resonate DB offers a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses;

Pyramid, Manhattan, Flat, Wedge, Convoluted (Egg-box)


3D Acoustic Art


Resonate DB offers 3D acoustic panels, they can be placed anywhere to add to the environment’s design or added as a focal point.

We have a variety of designs and colours to choose from.

You can personalise your space with our custom digital print acoustic upholstered panels, great for branding or adding some acoustics to your preferred piece of art.


Acoustic Desk Screens/
Acoustic Room Dividers

Open work spaces used to be great for collaboration but now with Corona virus it is also important to prevent the spread.  In order to do this, we offer Desk-based screens, free standing acoustic panels and acoustic room dividers.

Resonate DB’s desk-based screens can help you do this and with its interlocking system that does not require the additional cost of brackets or specialised fitment, it couldn’t be easier, requiring no tools and no maintenance. You can make space for one employee or many, it is limitless.

Should you no longer wish to have screens, you can easily cut them down into a straight rectangles and bond them to the walls, where it can be utilised as pinboards.

All created with Acoustic Polyester material, it also provides excellent sound absorbing properties. Supplied flat packed, they are light weight making it easy to courier and are all customisable to your company’s requirements.


Products We offer


  • Quality Acoustic Foam Panels and Bass Traps
  • Acoustic Foam for Generator Covers
  • Generator Boxes
  • Acoustic Upholstered Fabric Panels
  • Laser Cut Acoustic Panels
  • Starlight Fiber Optic light Ceiling Panels
  • Acoustic Upholstered Custom Digital Print Panels
  • Various Acoustic Polyester 3D Tiles
  • Acoustic Room Dividers
  • Acoustic Free Standing Panels
  • Acoustic Seals
  • Wall to Wall Acoustic Paneling
  • Various Hand-made Diffusers
  • Acoustic Ceiling Insulation
  • Acoustic Drywalling




Resonate DB 

With over 15 years design and interior contracting experience, 8 years of acoustics experience, we design and supply any acoustic solution you might possibly need.

Creative soundproofing is what we know, do, and love. Every studio is different so we are committed to creating a recording studio, home cinema or any space that reflects who you are.

We have a diverse range of products and are always looking for new exciting products to add to our services.

Your space will be a room you’ll never want to leave!

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Telephone: +27 72 283 0091
Email: [email protected]
Address: 16 Paul Kruger Road, Harveston, Roodepoort

Contact Us


Telephone: +27 72 283 0091
Email: [email protected]
Address: 16 Paul Kruger Road, Harveston, Roodepoort

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