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Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Panels

R 895.00
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Fabric upholstered Acoustic Wall Panels; One of our best sellers and a cost-effective solution for treating rooms, where there is too much reverberation and reduced audio clarity. 

Sometimes the acoustic treatment is to enhance voice clarity, such as in a video conference room, training room, or boardroom. A good listening environment is critical for areas such as home cinemas, recording studios, and stereo rooms. For churches, universities, wedding venues, etc, and any space which hosts many people, these Fabric Upholstered Acoustic wall panels will add value to the event and make it far more pleasant for those entering the space. 

Resonate DB's - Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Wall Panels are built with timber frames for rigidity and support. They are then filled with the highest quality acoustic insulation and upholstered, all with the absorption of sound in mind. 

The Acoustic Wall Panels are ideal for treating the standing waves in a room that come about from the sound bouncing between two parallel walls. 

Acoustic wall panels are an excellent solution for dealing with reverberation and excessive noise issues in a wide variety of spaces. Whether you’re completing an office fit-out, bringing some noise control to a classroom, or creating a home cinema, these panels are an ideal choice for those looking to improve both aesthetics and acoustics. 

At Resonate DB, we are pleased to offer a wide range of acoustic panels, manufactured by ourselves to offer products for the best prices. We’re able to cater to a wide range of budgets, including affordable options as well as high-specification panels designed for premium acoustic performance. We also offer custom panels with different fixing options to personalize any installation. 

We believe that aesthetics are just as important as acoustics, which is why each panel is made with attention to detail making sure that each panel you receive looks perfect. Whatever space you have in mind, we’re sure to be able to cater to it. 


 Dimensions 60cm x 60cm / 60cm x 120cm 

Material Fabric Upholstered Acoustic Panels with timber frames filled with high quality acoustic insulation

Looking to achieve remarkable sound quality without compromising on style? Our fabric upholstered acoustic panels offer the perfect fusion of acoustic performance and aesthetic sophistication for your space. 

Say goodbye to distracting echoes and enjoy unparalleled sound clarity. Our fabric upholstered panels are engineered to absorb sound waves, ensuring a controlled acoustic environment ideal for recording studios, home theaters, offices, and more. 

Optimized Workspaces: Enhance productivity and concentration by reducing noise distractions. Our acoustic panels transform bustling offices, conference rooms, and shared spaces into havens of focused work and effective communication. 

Content Creator's Dream: Perfect your recordings and videos with impeccable sound quality. Our panels provide a pristine audio backdrop, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional content without the interference of unwanted noise. 

Home Harmony: Create an oasis of relaxation in your home. Whether it's a cozy living room, entertainment area, or personal studio, our panels enhance both the auditory experience and the visual appeal of your space. 

Sustainable Luxury: Prioritize sustainability with our eco-friendly materials. Enjoy the highest quality without compromising the environment. 

Simple Installation: Transforming your space is hassle-free. Our fabric upholstered acoustic panels are straightforward to hang and come with all the necessary hardware, making setup a breeze. 

Aesthetic Acoustics: Turn any room into a haven of style and sound. Our panels provide the perfect synergy of visual elegance and acoustic excellence, ensuring your space is as captivating to the ears as it is to the eyes.