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Acoustic Polyester Bass Trap

R 850.00
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Acoustic polyester bass trap is a sound absorption product designed to address low-frequency sound issues, particularly in rooms like recording studios, home theaters, or other spaces where accurate sound reproduction is important. Bass traps are used to absorb and control low-frequency sound waves, preventing excessive bass buildup and minimizing room resonance.

Polyester is a rigid material used in the construction of acoustic panels. Along with the medium density insulation it is filled with, it is effective at absorbing sound across a broad range of frequencies, including lower frequencies associated with bass issues in spaces. Polyester is also lightweight, easy to work with, and environmentally friendly.

Bass traps are strategically placed in corners or along walls where low-frequency sound tends to accumulate. They work by capturing and converting sound energy into heat, reducing the potential for bass buildup and improving the overall acoustics of a room. Acoustic polyester bass traps can come in various shapes and sizes, such as panels, corner traps, or even cylindrical traps, allowing for flexibility in their placement within a room, especially if you go with free standing options.

When considering acoustic treatments for a space, it's essential to have a balanced approach, combining bass traps with other acoustic panels and diffusers to address different frequency ranges and reflections. This helps create an environment with improved sound clarity, reduced reverberation, and an overall more accurate audio experience.

Comes in different size option, in charcoal polyester.