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Recording Studios

Acoustics don’t need to be boringly functional; we aim to get your creative juices flowing and bring out your creativity, designing a recording studio that will do just this. Our objective is to work with you towards the obtaining your ideal sound.

When it comes to soundproofing a music studio, there can be a lot to consider. Bass traps, absorption panels, diffusers and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for creating the best space possible for your needs.
Whether you have a professional studio set up, or a home studio in your bedroom, or a vocal booth for voice overs or podcasts and vlogging…
At Resonate DB, we’re very pleased to offer a range of options to suit your requirements and budget.. From acoustic foam, fabric upholstered acoustic panels including acoustic printed canvases to add a personal touch to any room, polyester panels, bass traps and acoustic diffusers we have anything you require to make your space not only sound great, but look amazing too!