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Acoustic Desk Screens/ Acoustic Room Dividers


Open work spaces in the past, used to be great for collaboration but now with Corona virus it is also important to prevent the spread.  In order to do this, Resonate DB offers Desk-based screens, free standing acoustic panels and acoustic room dividers.

Resonate DB’s desk-based screens have an interlocking system that does not require the additional cost of brackets or specialised fitment, it couldn’t be easier, requiring no tools and no maintenance. You can make space for one employee or many, it is limitless.

Should you no longer wish to have screens, you can easily cut them down into a straight rectangles and bond them to the walls, where it can be utilised as pinboards.

All created with recycled Acoustic Polyester material, it also provides excellent sound absorbing properties. Supplied flat packed, they are light weight making it easy to courier and are all customisable to your company’s requirements.

If you want to turn your space into a work environment that promotes focus and production, contact us today!